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Amy Willerton

We're on a roll with covers this month. The latest is Amy Willerton on Happiful who had our dream team on the shoot, Alice Theobald in charge of hair and Roisin Donaghy doing makeup. 

Yep, we've been privileged to work with stunning cover girls, this month (and stunning cover guy David Beckham) who are much more than very pretty faces.

As a pouting ex-Miss Universe Great Britain and hair tossing queen of reality TV shows I'm A Celebrity and The Jump, we always knew that Amy looks good even in the steamy jungle and wearing a ski helmet but now she's impressing us even more by stepping up to the plate for mental health awareness as ambassador for the National Autistic Society. 

In the interview for Happiful with Jake Hamilton, Amy, who has a severely mentally disabled brother, talks about how mental health affects many in society today. 'Seriously, every other person I meet has some form of anxiety. It’s so common. It’s really sad that people feel so scared.' Amy partly blames social media. 'I sound like an old woman but I think we should set a limit where we live more in the real world and less in the online world. I don’t want to spend more time taking pictures of something than I do actually experiencing it. I’d rather live in the moment.'

We absolutely agree about spending less time online except when it comes to reading hair, makeup and styling blogs. 

For Amy's shoot, Alice worked her hair with L'Anza products, Roisin used Mac makeup and Ark skincare.