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Not only is Alice Theobald sought after for her Hair and Makeup skills but also for her beauty expertise. She is now Beauty Editor for Prime, the inflight magazine for Air Madagascar and Indian Ocean top resorts...

Our well-travelled celebrity Hair and Makeup artist, Alice Theobald shares her top tips for pre-flight and on board beauty for Prime, the inflight magazine for Air Madagascar and the Indian Ocean.

  • Before you fly take a shower, cleanse then exfoliate the face avoiding the eye and lip area using Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Natural Microbeads. 
  • Don't forget a lip scrub like Burts Bees'. Exfoliating removes any dead skin cells preparing it to soak up hydrating products. 
  • A relaxing aromathapy body oil will help calm, soothe and moisturise the body and mind. Rose and Jojoba by Pinks Boutique and Serenity by Kokolokahi are blissful.
  • Hydrate with a mask such as Ark’s Hydration Injection Masque or Bee Yu Firming And Regenerating Face Masque to leave the skin feeling supple and plump.
  • A hydrating serum is a skin saviour. Healgel, is a wise choice as your next step. If you are particularly prone to a parched complexion try the Urban Veda facial oils. 
  • Apply a moisturiser containing a minimum of  SPF 15 such as Estée Lauder Advanced Time Zone Oil Free Creme SPF 15 or Murad Anti-Ageing Moisturiser SPF 30. Ultrasun UV Mineral Eye Protection SPF30 is great for the delicate eye area. Finish off with Indie Lee Lip Treat, a multivitamin lip balm that contains powerful antioxidants to repair and replenish lips.
  • Best advice on board is to drink plenty of water, hydrate from within. Try to stick to herbal tea and juice. Avoid caffeinated beverages and alcohol as they dehydrate. This also goes for foods that are high in fat, sugar and especially salt.
  • Care for your hands with a nourishing hand balm and cuticle oil such as Pinks Try Me manicure set
  • A facial spray can be a refreshing treat on a long haul flight but ensure it has a hydrating formula. Plain water sprays may feel great but as the water evaporates it can just increase the dehydration. Spritz with Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator 2oz (57ml), a vitamin-enriched aloe water.
  • Keep base makeup to a minimum, a good brow frames the face Benefit’s Brow Contour Pro is a magic 4-in-1 wand. ⦁ Multivitamin VitSpritz helps boost the immune system for a long haul flight while Vitspritz Vitamin B12 oral spray targets jet lag.
  • Take small travel-sized beauty essentials in your hand such as Proverb Anti Ageing Travel Kit for male grooming and Ark Skincare Age Defend Discovery Collections to suit different age groups. Remember to check the maximum liquid allowance for hand luggage going through airport security screening.
  • A mini natural deodorant is always handy to have in your bag such as Schmidt's Fragrance Free sensitive skin stick from A Beautiful World. ⦁ Before leaving your flight there's nothing like a spritz perfume to help revive your mood. My favourite is Lalique L’AMOUR. 

Main image: Darren Paul