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Wedding Hair and Makeup: The 12 Answers to the most asked brides' questions from our top Hair and Makeup artists, experts in Bridal Beauty who have worked for top wedding magazines including Brides and You & Your Wedding, on the wedding TV show Say Yes To The Dress - and many 'real' brides who say 'I do' to professional hair and makeup.

1) How much does it usually cost to have bridal hair and bridal makeup done professionally for a wedding?

Wedding rates for makeup artists vary considerably. It's all dependant on experience, location and the profile of the artist. Many local artists outside London may be cheaper than artists working with celebrities on a weekly basis and for the fashion magazines.

It's always good to have a trial with any artist as you need to be happy with how they have made you up and not be in for a shock on the day! Try and Google an artist's work and get a feel for their style.

Oonagh Connor, Makeup and Hair Artist

NB. Professional Bridal Hair or Makeup will cost from £200 and combined Hair and Makeup from £350, depending on trial, wedding day timings, location, entourage and special requirements. For Joy Goodman Agency Hair and Makeup artists contact us here.

2) What makeup should I use to achieve that bridal radiant look for my wedding?

As a bride you want to look beautiful and well-groomed while still being 'you'. It's important to wear makeup that enhances your natural beauty. You don't want a look that dramatically changes you so much that your husband to be doesn't recognise you as you walk down the the aisle.

The makeup I recommend:

Oonagh Connor, Makeup and Hair Artist

Oonagh Connor bridal makeup

Bridal hair and makeup by Oonagh Connor for Leah Wood (left) and her bridesmaids including Georgia May Jagger and Tatler's Bride of The Year, Annabelle Sheppard (right)

3) To wear a wedding veil or not? What would you advise?

It's a totally personal choice. I have recently got married and I always thought I'd love a veil over my face as I entered the church. But it flattened my face and just didn't suit me or my features. So I had one at the back of the head, attached in over my bun/ chignon (see below, left).

I do love the allure of the veil over a face though.

Oonagh Connor, Makeup and Hair Artist

Bridal Beauty Guide

Radiant brides Oonagh Connor and Pippa Middleton both married on the same day in May, 2017

4) If I can fit just one top-up beauty product in my wedding purse what should it be?

Lipstick. You'll be kissing guests hello. Smiling all day. Eating. You need to keep those lips in check and be camera ready at all times. And keep a little pot of concealer handy, especially for after the ceremony when a few tears may have been shed.

My fave concealer. is Kiko Full Coverage Concealer.

Oonagh Connor, Makeup and Hair Artist

5) Which should I have done first on the day of the wedding? Bridal hair or bridal makeup? And why?

First prep the hair with a good blow dry or set using products to complement the hair type and style. For example Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil suits frizzy-prone hair to prevent humidity and protect from heat styling and Lanza Healing Style Design Foam adds body and bounce to all hair types giving a flexible support with a natural feel, which is a great foundation for hair down with natural volume.

With the hair prepped in rollers or pins it is ideal to start the makeup. Dress the hair out and put it up if that is the design. Finally add the veil, flowers, accessories etc. Then makeup touch ups (preferably). Voila!

Alice Theobald, Hair and Makeup Artist

6) What is the 'look' for bridal hair at the moment? And bridal hair accessories?

The trend I am currently seeing with most of my brides is half up and half down. Each has her unique stamp on it. I have done plaits, twists, mini buns, knots, flowers entwined, pearls entwined, you get the gist! Talking with most of my brides they want to keep their hair down but they want something more than their everyday look. This way they get to have their hair down so they feel themselves but still feel special for their big day! (See image, below, of Jessica Vince, Digital Editor and Founder of Dressr, hair and makeup by Alice)

Veils, sparkle and pearls and flowers are still in demand for hair decoration, tiaras are less so currently.

Alice Theobald, Hair and Makeup Artist

Bridal Beauty Guide

Jessica Vince's bridal hair and makeup by Alice Theobald

7) Which is the best mascara for a bride that won't smudge or run and will last the day - and evening?

I am a fan of Cosmetics A La Carte Divine Lash Mascara with a few MAC individual lashes blended in for a natural surreal flattering finish.

Alice Theobald, Hair and Makeup Artist

8) How long before the wedding day should I do a practice with my hair and makeup artist?

I prefer to practise 'the look' at least 6-8 weeks before the big event. That way I can advise on skincare, facials, tanning and hair care etc to make sure everything is at its best for the special day.

Alice Theobald, Hair and Makeup Artist

NB. These days a hair and makeup trial is part of the fun for the bride in the build up to her wedding. But the advantage of having a professional Hair and Makeup artist from the Joy Goodman Agency is that they have the expertise and experience to create the perfect hair and makeup on the day whether for photographic shoots, filming for commercials, celebrities on the red carpet OR weddings.

9) How much time should I allow on the day of my wedding for hair and makeup?

Once the bride has had a trial (see Question 8) then, depending upon how many people request hair and makeup, a time plan can be arranged. Normally start with the time the bride needs to arrive, how long for transfers, getting into the dress.

Working backwards I would allow two hours for the bride to prep hair and ensure she is feeling relaxed. Depending on bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride, I would allow one and a half hours for each person. The time goes by surprisingly fast therefore allowing more time creates a wonderful calm for all those involved.

Amanda Clarke, Hair and Makeup Artist

10) What would you recommend as essential bridal makeup and hair product(s)?

There are many great products on the market these days, which is why it's good to have a trial to work out skin type and longevity of products on skin and hair especially taking into account the weather and time of year.

Bridal Beauty Guide

Bridal hair and makeup by Amanda Clarke

A few favourite makeup and skin care products of mine are from Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Rodial. Hair brands that I get great results from are Bumble & Bumble, Paul Mitchell and L'Oreal.

Amanda Clarke, Hair and Makeup Artist

11) Should I pay for my bridesmaids hair and makeup? Does a bride normally pay for wedding day hair and makeup to be professionally done for her bridesmaids, maid of honour, mother and mother-in-law?

Depending on circumstances some brides like to offer to pay for bridesmaids as gifts. However many bridesmaids also pay individually for themselves too. There doesn't seems to be any rules these days. 

Amanda Clarke, Hair and Makeup Artist

NB. If a bride wants a coordinated stylised 'look' when it comes to hair and makeup for herself and her bridesmaids and she is having a professional hair and makeup artist then it's more usual to pay for bridesmaids as well. Having fewer bridesmaids and/or young bridesmaids who only need a little lip gloss will help with costs! 

12) What is the best wedding hair or makeup advice you give to all brides?

Always have a trial to experiment with a couple of different looks. Make a mood board as a theme will start to emerge for the style you want to create for your wedding day.

Best advice of all is to enjoy it

Amanda Clarke, Hair and Makeup Artist

Top image: Alex Reilly, styling Elaine Deed (by special arrangement)