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Behind the gloss and glamour, the immaculate makeup and perfect grooming as created by our Hair and Makeup Artists working every day with celebrities, there is often anxiety and depression. Katie McGlynn from Coronation Street and Chris Hughes of Love Island have recently talked about their own personal dramas and the counselling they've needed to cope with their careers.


We know it's not all glitz and glamour. Behind the face of fame, there is often anxiety and insecurity, just as in this year's acclaimed film, Joker, Arthur Fleck's smiling clown mask hides a tragic lifetime of trauma.

Our Hair and Makeup Artists understand more than most about the psyche of celebrities, the makeup chair acting like the therapist's couch. But now the rich and famous (and royalty) are opening up to the media, helping to take away the stigma of depression and anxiety.

Interviewed in the Mirror, actress Katie McGlynn has revealed how she has needed counselling because she was so badly affectd by the tragic death from cancer of her character, Sinead Tinker, in Coronation Street, last week.

Meanwhile, in this month's Happiful magazine, Chris Hughes, one of the gilded guys from Love Island 2017, opens up about his anixiety and panic attacks, particularly topical right now as he is ambassador for Movember, raising awareness of men's health issues.

Grooming for Chris Hughes by celebrities' favourite, Amanda Clarke.

Hair and Makeup for Katie McGlynn by one of our talented Regional Hair and Makeup Artist, Paula Maxwell.