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Clemmie Hooper Hello Magazine

The wife, midwife, mother to four girls, author of a new book How To Grow A Baby and Push It Out and social media phenomenon, Clemmie Hooper (far right above) was featured in Hello magazine, one of the Mummy Bloggers with makeup and hair by our Alice Theobald, a makeup pro of Hello and celebrity shoots.

These Mummy Bloggers know the power of social media and how to make careers out of having children. Clemmie Hooper worked as a midwife over 10 years ago in one of London’s busiest hospitals. After the birth of her second daughter she started her blog, Gas and Air documenting the trials and tribulations of life as a midwife whilst mothering young children. As the blogs popularity grew, so did the demand for women all over to share their experiences of birth, and with the consent of mothers everywhere, Clemmie began pushing out (excuse the pun) weekly birth stories on her blog to inspire and support mothers to be.

After announcing her third pregnancy of identical twins in August 2015, her fanbase followed her to Instagram and her followers doubled almost overnight. Clemmie documents her daily life on her Instagram account @mother_of_daughters. She is married to Simon, the Daddy blogger @father_of_daughters.

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