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David Beckham grooming

Yes it's football idol, sports hero, style icon and now brand visionary, the one and only David Beckham. Our hair and makeup artist, Sally O'Neill, was privileged to be on this shoot for #Legend magazine with photographer, Richard Guest and Creative Director, Paris Libby. 

Now in partnership with Kent & Curwin, which he wore for the shoot along with designer labels, David Beckham revealed how he has helped turn the traditional brand into a contemporary men's label. 

Talking to #Legend, he commented: 'We share a common vision of staying true to the brand’s British heritage while creating iconic pieces that could belong in a modern man’s everyday wardrobe. My sons are also very into Kent & Curwen and constantly raid my closet. It’s also about creating collections with multigenerational appeal.'

Asked to describe the Kent & Curwin brand in three words, he replied: 'Authentic. Stylish. Modern'. Which is just how we'd hashtag David Beckham.

#Legend April issue is out now. Catch David Beckham, Arbiter of Style interview with #Legend online here.