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Lip gloss, powder, action. Eight top tips on how to do glamour by the most talented hair and makeup artists who regularly create paparazzi-pleasing red carpet looks for celebrities and shoots.

Roisin Donaghy, Makeup and Hair Artist:

1) Start with a Charlotte Tilbury Multi-Miracle Glow cleanser mask and balm which contains Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed oil, Vitamins A, C and E, using it before makeup to give that glamorous glow.

Jen Atkin hair extensions

2) Tape individual hair extensions by Jen Atkin (above), the most discreet way to cheat voluminous A-lister hair. 

Amanda Clarke, Hair and Makeup Artist:

3) My absolute favourite product for looking glamorous has to be a red lip, it always works no matter what time of year. Either wear it as a stain, matt or gloss depending on your style. Always make sure you have prepped your lips before with a lip balm, I like Burt's Bees.

Rodial Dragons Blood Eye Mask

4) My beauty secret for a bit of pampering to hydrate and tone your delicate eye area is a Rodial Dragon's Blood Eye Mask (above).

Buster Knight, Makeup Artist:

5) I always use three powders on a skin. One translucent to set under eyes and under jawline. One the same shade as the skin for the centre of the face and a slightly darker one for the hairline. This keeps the skin looking three dimensional and natural.

glamour guide

6) I also use Kryolan Fake Sweat (transparent gel for special effects) pressed over powder highlighter to make the skin look naturally dewy. Great on camera or in person. NB. But avoid actually sweating on the red carpet with a handheld fan (above).

Alice Theobald, Hair and Makeup Artist:

7) My personal glam, must-have is a sun-kissed glow. I achieve this by using Utan & Tone Nourishing Night Cream every other night instead of my regular night cream. The first time I used it I woke up and thought I left my makeup on!

Glamour guide

For me classic glam is a red lip (see Emma Watson, Gwen Stafani and Taylor Swift, above, rocking different shades of red). I love Sothys Rouge 320 from the new limited edition collection maquilas.  It has matte buildable texture, which creates a modern twist on a retro vibe. 

Top image: Mila Kunis, Fall/Winter Haute Couture, Christian Dior