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One of the most 'creative, friendly and motivated' MUAs on the fashion planet - just check out her latest beauty tear sheet from Stylist Magazine (below). Meet our amazing Makeup and Hair Artist and super Nail Technician, Helen Brady... 

Helen Brady Makeup Artist Joy Goodman

1) Can you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, friendly and motivated! 

2) What do you think makes you such a successful Makeup and Hair Artist?

Erm, I think one of my strongest assets is I'm quite nice and easy to work with! I think I build really good relationships with my clients and other creatives, I'm hard working and considerate and get genuinely excited about being part of the creative process at work. I'm always striving to do the best work I can.

3) What's the secret of great eyebrows?

I'm not sure there is one secret, it's just about finding what works well for you. Having said that I personally really love bushy 'boy' brows; there's something so youthful about fluffy, full eyebrows. When I'm doing models' brows I often brush them upwards using soap or brow wax, which makes them ultra feathery-looking. It's an old-school Hollywood technique which totally works!

4) Tell us about three of your favourite products in your makeup kit.

  • Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter, dewy, naturally luminous-looking skin in a bottle. 
  • Mac Face & Body Foundation, one of my Holy Grail foundations. It's like a second skin and can be built up from super-sheer to medium coverage. Once it sets it sets and is perfect for use all over the body. I use this on set ALL OF THE TIME. 
  • Love Liner. This was a recent addition to my kit from a trip to Japan. They are really pigmented, long-lasting felt-tip liners. I often use them to create incredibly fine hair strokes in brows and I'm a bit obsessed with them. Wish I'd bought more, any excuse for another trip to Japan ay?

5) Best skin product?

Great makeup definitely starts with great skin prep; for super-hydrated, plump-looking skin I often massage models' skin with facial oil. I'm currently using Darphin's Jasmine Aromatic Care Facial Oil in my kit.

Helen Brady Makeup Artist Joy Goodman

6) Which is your favourite shoot on the Joy Goodman website?

It's really hard because there are very few shoots I don't enjoy! But I really love the editorial 'Liquid Palette' (images above), which was published in Volt Cafe. I really enjoyed this shoot because the photographer was one of my favourites to work with (Marina Dean Francis) and she basically gave me free rein. I studied Fine Art and this shoot just felt really painterly and was all about mark-making and texture. I love shooting beauty!

7) Hottest colour for nails right now?

Orange is a perfect summery colour and was seen on lots of the S/S runways. I also really love muddy, khaki greens at the moment, they're the perfect grungey antidote and accompaniment to pretty pink florals!

8) What's the best thing about your job as a Makeup and Hair Artist?

Working in teams with creative people and feeling part of a collaborative process, meeting new people and building relationships with clients,  the variation in work and realising you're actually getting paid for something you love! And nothing beats seeing your work in print, that still feels surreal and exciting.