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She has a new lucrative makeup contract about to be announced with a top cosmetic company and another season heading up the makeup team for Strictly Come Dancing. Yep, our celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Armstrong has a new lease of life and is set to 'keeeeeep dancing'...

We have to thank The Sun for the perfect title. With a lucrative makeup contract about to be announced and another season of Strictly it is indeed a 'New Lisa Life' for our celebrity Makeup Artist, Lisa Armstrong.

Doing a quick step away from her personal life, Lisa is waltzing into the future with a smile on her face, looking like she's been tickled by her makeup brushes.

And yes, she knows all the backstage gossip behind the Strictly ballroom scenes: who's ahead in the foxtrot, who's leaping into the vat of fake tan, who'll be Dracula for Fright Night and who'll be partnered with Anton (we're thinking it'll be challenge Anneka). 

But you know the most frustrating thing for us when it comes to dishing the gossip but the quality that clients all love about Lisa? She's the most discreet makeup artist on the planet. Her lips are sealed.