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How do the coronavirus health restrictions affect Hair and Makeup Artists? Bookings have restarted at the Joy Goodman Agency and our Artists are back on set, but with extra long call sheets for the precautionary steps to prevent Covid-19 infections. Our top Hair and Makeup Artist, Amanda Clarke, describes how the first intrepid photographers and crew have been adapting to the New Normal. With masks AND umbrellas.


I started back to work on the 23rd June. After three months it was good to get the call, although my role was advisory Hair & Makeup which I rather enjoyed as it reminded me of my teaching days. Recently, my first back to work clients have been the Daily Mail and The Times Magazine.

I usually travel by car to locations so not much has changed in the way of transport. Since returning to work all my shoots have been outside on location, due to COVID regulations. It's been quite challenging thus far working in a heatwave for the first week then in torrential rain, this week. The photographer, Mark Harrison, had no choice but to build a tented area in the garden for our shoot (main image).

PPE is standard and expected during these time

Some studios' new rules have also been put into place. Now I will be met by a nurse to have my temperature taken before proceeding into the building. PPE is standard and expected during these times and now part of our kit.

It takes time to adjust to wearing it, although I had a trial run the week before lockdown. But this time round I have more options and I am already finding what works best for me on set, because I don't like wearing a mask for long periods of time as I feel I'm underwater and need a gulp of air! Also those plastic gloves make your hands looks like you've been in the bath too long once you take them off, especially during hot weather.

It's always been our job to put them at ease

The atmosphere seeing your teams after so many months is wonderful and everyone is happy to be back finally. The person who is being photographed is often nervous, anyway and so it's always been our job to put them at ease and now safety is paramount.

Hand sanitiser and washing hands. Hygiene has always been important to Hair & Makeup artists. But in life before Covid-19, all my kit would be laid out for speed and easy access to my equipment, whereas now I'm keeping everything covered and closed. My style and the way I work has changed and been adapted. Now I will decant and use a palette and work in a different way. Simple new methods so as not to spread infection.