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Why the hottest trend in beauty and fashion is green - the JOY GOODMAN TEAM reveal their favourite products that use natural ingredients, are non-chemical, eco-friendly, recycled, upcycled, produced without exploitation, environmentally-sustainable and not tested on cute fluffy rabbits...

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Claire's Accessories were recently ordered to destroy a whole range of eye shadow palettes and foundations because they contained asbestos - yes ASBESTOS - and Johnson & Johnson have just been successfully sued for $37m for their talcum powder which was claimed caused cancer.

These are just the tip of the chemical iceberg polluting our skins and our planets and reasons to question what's in our beauty products.

So it's no surprise that our Hair and Makeup Artists and Styists are passionate about eco-brands, already pioneering natural non-chemical products both for their personal use and for clients. Our Oscar nominated Makeup and Hair Stylist and Creative Evolutionary, Amber Sibley is a guru of natural beauty and advocate for Tropic, natural and cruelty free skincare,  while Hair and Makeup Artist, Alice Theobald is a chemically-free Green Queen and has 10 favourite brands to share with us.

We promise you'll be clearing your bathroom shelves of body polluting products after reading this, toothpaste and all.

With Vogue declaring the catwalk shows for 2018 as 'the year sustainable fashion got sexy' and one of our top Fashion Stylists, Annabel Hodin, practising a less is more styling philosophy, it's now official, green is the new black...


Buy less and wear more to minimise your fashion footprint. I create capsule wardrobes or styling looks in white black, grey or navy with added updating accents . Easy to put together timeless ageless chic. Coordinated styling is the most ecological way to shop, no unplanned items which you never wear and do not fit in to your capsule looks.

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Stella McCartney, proves that there is such a thing as sustainable luxury and is a well-known supporter of animal rights. In Stella's World it's a 'no' to leather, fur and feathers for the sake of fashion while seeking vegetarian and animal-free alternatives.

P.i.C are a great company to go to, a London eco-aware fashion label who declare 'not only are our fabrics locally sourced, sustainable, organic or select stock material, but P.i.C is never mass-produced'. Their belief is: 'it's time to stop overbuying and instead choose stuff you love, and invest in' (image above). I live in the boyfriend jeans and white Hoxton shirt or Hackney jumpsuit for work.

The hot eco item for summer? It has to be the Mango khaki trench in organic cotton from their Mango Committed Collection featuring fashion pieces committed to environmental sustainability.


I feel so excited to share some of my favourite ‘green’ beauty must haves.

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I have recently been introduced to Ermana Natural skincare range and I love it! The range is hand-blended in the UK and not tested on animals. Thumbs up. They have beautiful vegan organic soy wax candles blended with essential oils - they give off invigorating aromas which stimulate the mind and body. I am also currently loving the Revive face oil with Lavender & Frankincense which I am using as an overnight treatment on my face boosting hydration and collagen. Watch this face!

Burt's Bees, possibly one of the most extensive 100% natural lip range out there. Lip shimmer, lip shine, lip gloss, tinted lip balm, tinted lip oils, satin lipstick, matte lip crayon, gloss lip crayon, glossy lipstick, lip balm tins, lip balm in a stick, you get my point, the choice is yours! My current go to is All Weather SPF 15.

BOCA, otherwise known as Botanical Oral Care Advantage. Vegan, organic, whitening, toothpaste, one for day with added ginseng to energise! One for night with added valerian and camomile to relax and calm you before you sleep. Sweet dreams!

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil. A ‘just in case’ must have for my kit and bathroom. Perfect on the spot treatment as its a fabulous antiseptic that dries the blemish out but still allows makeup to glide over. Many other on the spot treatments dry the skin out resulting in a patchy flaky finish.

Pinks Boutique is a 100% natural and organic, fair trade, spa range. Packaging is 100% recyclable, they never test on animals and are a British brand. I find a little goes a long way with this range. Lemongrass & Camellia Cleanser and Moisturiser are favourites of mine and are perfect for oily/combination skin types. Check them out.

Sanoflore Organic Laboratory. A fab organic brand with powerful plant extracts and proven results. That is a result! Packaging is environmentally friendly. Win! The Perfect Concentrate Serum contains pure royal jelly and naturally originated hyaluric acid which is rare  -it smooths, illuminates, refines and soften skin. It’s suitable for even the most sensitive complexion so it’s perfect for my kit.

Sukin. An environmentally sustainable, 100% carbon neutral, vegan, natural skin and haircare range. One of my favourites in this range is the Bionatural skin oil enriched with a blend of nutrient rich oils. It reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks and, with added vitamins, improves the texture and encourages healthy-looking beautiful skin.

Elemental Herbology, a natural skincare brand which provides skin nutrition by combining natural botanicals and innovative ingredient technology. I personally love the day cream with a SPF Elemental Herbology Moisture Replenish Cell Plumping moisturiser which provides this as well as anti- oxidants and hydrating natural botanicals. Wonderful!

Yarok. A positive impact on your hair,  scalp and the environment. Result! A hundred percent vegan. Tick! My long time favourite is Feed Your Youth a pre shampoo hair and scalp treatment, which is packed with vitamins and minerals and provides the ultimate conditioning treat for hair. I also love that 3% of all their profits go to protecting the Amazon rainforest 💚💚

A'kin skin and haircare. A hundred percent vegan, organic and locally grown ingredients where possible. They avoid excess packaging and use recyclable containers. So I have tried the Micellar cleansing water from this range - it's PH balanced soap free cleansing water is infused with organic coconut water and green tea, with a no rinse formula. It sits well in my makeup kit for a quick cleanse.


Eco-friendly, cruelty-free, green living, phrases we are all too familiar with. These buzz words have been flying around for some years now and it's proving to be more than just a trend movement. With summer holidays around the corner and a frenzied flurry to get beach ready it’s seems apt to mention sustainable Australian swimwear brand JETS.

At Jets they understand the importance of protecting our beautiful surroundings and are committed to making educated changes towards better processes as swimwear specialists. As part of the 21st century textile industry, they must be aware and conscious of how they, as a textile focused company, impact the environment. Jets are doing their part with the use of RENEW PLUS, an innovative environmentally friendly and sustainable fabric that combines both 100% recycled plastic and LYCRA XTRA LIFE fabric.

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RMS Beauty (the brand by former makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, pioneer of organic makeup and advocate for protecting ourselves from toxic chemicals in beauty products) is cruelty free, organic and uses recycled packaging. I like their eye gloss in Karma for a cool and smudgy, lived-in smokey eye. Their Lip2Cheek creams are also super-easy to apply with your fingers and give your eyes or cheeks a really pretty wash of colour. 

Neale's Yard, founded in 1981, is one of the original cruelty free and organic brands, produced in their own eco-factory. I'm a massive fan of the facial oils and their Rose one is lovely and really hydrating.

Main Image: BioEcoGeo