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Do you want lush long hair tossing over your shoulders and shining with health? Our new hair guru at the Joy Goodman Agency, Simon Izzard, is the hairstylist of hair styling brands including Wella, L'Oreal and Remington. His trademark hair (see below) is naturally beautiful with references to vintage glamour. Here he shares his hair styling secrets and how to boss the gloss... 

Simon Izzard Hair Stylist
  1. Use separate shampoo and conditioner. You can't clean and condition your hair at the same time.

  2. Condition your hair, every single time you wash your hair particularly if you have colour. Soak the mid-lengths and ends of your hair in conditioner and leave for at least 5 minutes so that it can soak into the fabric of your hair. Use a weekly hair mask and regularly have the ends of your hair trimmed by your stylist.

  3. Invest in a Keratin treatment for stress free and frizz free hair all summer long no matter how humid the weather is.

  4. Be blunt. I've been advising my clients with fine hair to go for the chop this year. Keeping the cut very blunt without too much layering makes the style sharp, fuller with loads more swing. When styling these blunt cuts use the GHD straighteners or a large round brush to finish with just a hint of a bend in the ends.

  5. Up the volume. Having extensions isn’t all about adding length. These days it’s quicker than ever with tape extensions from brands like Great Lengths. Your stylist can transform your look in the time it takes you to have a coffee and catchup with the gossip, with the minimum of fuss after matching your colour, applying a few pieces where needed and away you go. You’d be surprised by the number of your favourite celebs who use extensions to create their glossy screen ready hair.

Simon Izzard Hair Stylist