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Celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Armstrong is now in front of the cameras, one of six style experts advising for a new online makeover show, The UpDaters.

Celebrity makeup artist, Lisa, has come out from behind the cameras. More usually backstage with her makeup brushes as Makeup Designer on Strictly Come Dancing or on the sidelines ready with shine-reducing powder on a Hello fashion shoot, Lisa Armstrong is proving a natural presenter as part of the team of six style experts on the new online makeover show, The UpDaters.

Not only does she use her makeup talents and give beauty tips to the makeover-ees on the show, but she also has an easy rapport with them and a fun banter with the team. In Episode One, she swaps makeup brush for a broom pointedly sweeping up under the chair while Royal hair stylist, Richard Ward is cutting hair.

If you love First Dates (and who doesn't?), What Not To Wear and Changing Rooms then you'll be hooked from the launch episode, which is like all three shows rolled into one. The team selects Hayley, who is 32 and single, for their makeover treatment to help her restyle her image for more success on dating sites. She is matched with three guys and choses one for a first date. And, then, dot, dot, dot.

Watch the first episode to see what happens. The UpDaters website is now live with a trailer for the first episode, which launches on Tuesday, 14th May.