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So the December 2017 issue of Vogue has hit the racks with a fanfare heralding editor, Edward Enninful's first issue and a flurry of editorial in the media not seen since the Princess of Wales graced the cover in 1994...

At first sight the new December British Vogue cover looks incredibly retro in terms of sparkly blue eye shadow and shiny red lips. But is this retro in a bad way like Joan Collins circa mid-70s? Or is it in a good way, Bowie's Life on Mars glam rock era revisited plus a blast of the iconic Studio 54 fashion vibe? You decide.

Our Makeup Artists are already ditching their eyebrow pencils while loading up on sparkling blue eye shadow and shiny red lipstick (Lisa Armstrong has plenty already as Head of Makeup on Strictly Come Dancing!). But our Hair Stylists may have hoped that on such an influential cover there'd be, well, hair rather than a Liz Taylor-esque turban by British milliner Stephen Jones for Marc Jacobs.

Certainly there has been a general nod of approval from the fashion world but do we detect maybe an element of disappointment? With all the talk from Edward Enninful about 'diversification' didn't many expect - even hope - for something a little more out there and more 'diverse'? 

There's no mistaking the beautiful image of the caramel-skinned British model, Adwoa Aboah, daughter of one of our favourite photographers' agent, Camilla Lowther. But didn't a teeny weeny bit of us secretly hope for something even more contemporary, more rock-the-fashion-boat controversial? Like a transgender automaton?

At Joy Goodman we've worked with Vogue for many many years (no, we're not counting). It's not just a magazine, it's a mirror reflecting the fashion world. If a new editor and new thoughts on diversification mean that there's a new buzz about fashion and beauty in any way, good or bad, thanks to Edward Enninful then hurrah! Better than mindless media coverage of the Kardashians on holiday and z-celebs' diets.

And on reflection we think that yes, the cover IS rather beautiful.